Evolve Church Academy Trust

As an educational trust, made up entirely of Church of England Schools, our vision is firmly grounded in our Christian values, principles and core behaviours. We aim to support and nurture all children within the community of our schools to achieve their very best, academically, and to prepare them for life, in its entirety, beyond primary education. Our board of trustees, directors and school leaders have created the following mission statement that encapsulates all that we strive for as a collective across Evolve. In other words, we exist for the spiritual and academic fulfilment of all the children within our care.

A Welcome Message from our Executive Headteacher

I’d like to wish you a warm welcome to Evolve Church Academy Trust and to our four wonderful schools. As a trust of small, rural church schools, we pride ourselves upon the strong, values based experience that we provide for all of our children.

Our mission is to enable all in our schools to achieve the best that they can by working together. We embrace differences and the wide range of strengths and passions that our children have. Through our curriculum, we aim to nurture and enable these passions to blossom.

It is our long term goal to simply create a trust that provides an excellent education for our children. Our school teams value the togetherness that we encourage and through working together, as a community of children, parents and teaching professionals we believe we provide the very best platform to achieve this.

Meet our Team of Trustees

Peter French

Interim Trust Board Chair Person

Oliver Johnson

Executive Head/CEO

John Moffitt

Trustee and Business Committee Co-Chair Person

Karen Theobald

Trustee with Responsibility for Safeguarding and Child Protection Advisory

Graham Dixon

Trustee and Business Committee Co-Chair Person

Damien Trevatt

Trustee with Responsibility for IT Advisory

Lyn Johnson


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